Parental control. A better way to protect your kids.



E-books instead of traditional textbooks

In recent years there has been a very large increase in the popularity of electronic books, or e- books. They are more convenient because you can upload them to various mobile appliances that most people operate on a daily basis,


Eyesity is a comprehensive system of parental control

Eyesity is a comprehensive system of parental control


Holiday traps or WiFi on the beach

Holidays, the time of relaxation and rest, is extremely long for children and young people because it takes more than two months in Poland. This is the time that records the highest addiction among children and young people. It is


No mobile phones at summer camps

Holidays are the time for various camps. They are designed not only to spend your free time outside the home, among peers, discover new places, but also to teach children and young people autonomy and responsibility. Each organized trip of this type has


Traps behind the “Free Download”

On the web you can find many websites where you can download all kinds of files and software; some of them are legitimate sources, some are not. Many sites, especially from the second group, are tempting by slogans like “free